Brian's on the left. This was taken in the parking lot of the studios on Chapel Street

30 Years Ago Today…

I woke up at the Howard Johnson’s Long Wharf, and showered. It was March 4th, 1985, 30 years ago today. I had been out of college since 1980, and had clawed my up to the the position of morning show co host at 97 Rock in Buffalo, New York (my home town).  I had been […]

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College Photo

Website: College Confidential

It’s a big season of transitions for our family: my younger son is entering his senior year in high school and just got his braces off. His brother, the Older, just left for college. The Younger’s graduation next spring will mark the end of a significant leg of our family’s “march” towards higher education: one […]

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Recent Netflix Finds

As I return to the odyssey of writing “The Real Life Survival Guide”, it’s interesting to see patterns emerge. One of the first new posts I wrote was about Bob Lefsetz, and his blog, The Lefsetz Letter, which I subscribe to via email. Bob is opinionated and sometimes polarizing, but I like it when writes […]

The Natural

Movies with a Sports Theme

Gary the Web Guy joined me the the Connecticut Open yesterday. We talked a lot about the increasingly “noisy” world we live in, and how the RLSG could help narrow some of our choices. I see this new version of the Guide being centered around organizing these choices into manageable lists, and, it being tennis season in New […]

Real Life Update

Real Life Update

The Real Life Survival Guide is evolving! It started as a series of public radio shows that aired in 2007 and 2008, and again from 2011-2013. In that time, with the help of some amazing collaborators, we’ve created close to 100 hours of programming. In 2014 we took a break from producing the show, to […]

Lefsetz Website

Blog: The Lefsetz Letter

One of my favorite bloggers these days is Bob Lefsetz. Bob is ostensibly writing about the music business, but I find deep insights about life (and about being a creative professional) in a lot of his writing. I subscribe to Bob’s email newsletter, but you can read him on the web as well. I’m thinking about creating a list of […]


Quarter Day Trip: Chick’s

How do we survive (and, better yet, thrive) in the digital age? I’ve been asking myself this question since the internet started it’s growth spurt in the nineties. At the time, I was excited about the promise of the web, and its potentially limitless access to information and entertainment. Now here we are, more than […]

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Jon Crane on Personal Finance: What About The Parents?

As an occasional panelist on The Real Life Survival Guide, my role is to “get real.” So here goes. In our discussion about “surviving” being parents of college aged children our panel covered a wide array of subjects with some depth and much insight. Mostly, we talked about how to help our kids navigate through the […]